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8-9 September

  • In-Person Consultations – Sydney

9 September

  • Surrogacy Evening Reception – Sydney
  • ORM Fertility and Sayer Jones

10 September

  • In-Person Consultations – Brisbane
  • Surrogacy Evening Reception – Brisbane
  • ORM Fertility and Sayer Jones

11-12 September

  • In-Person Consultations – Melbourne

12 September

  • Surrogacy Evening Reception – Melbourne
  • ORM Fertility and Sayer Jones

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ORM Fertility Has Been Helping Families Grow For 30 Years

We are recognized as one of the top fertility clinics globally for our high live birth rates, personalized care, and industry-leading processes. Portland, Oregon is home to our state-of-the-art headquarters, housing one of the first embryology laboratory clean rooms in the world. We also has a clinic in Seattle (Bellevue), Washington.

ORM Team
ORM Office Exterior

Our Doctors

Our patients traveling from Australia will meet with one of our four senior reproductive endocrinologists and will have the full support of our large, knowledgeable team who will work with you every step of the way throughout your journey. Our team is dedicated to helping you fulfill your dreams of parenthood.

Caring For Patients From Australia

Our team will work to help make your fertility journey as seamless as possible. We help our patients complete their pre-cycle screening in Australia, and when possible, we will assist our patients to start their treatment prior to traveling to the US to visit ORM. We are able to connect patients with local resources such as lawyers or support groups in Australia.

ORM is dedicated to providing personalized care and helping couples and individuals from around the world realize their dreams of parenthood. Most patients traveling from Australia to the US for treatment will come to our Downtown Portland location. Some may be able to visit our Seattle (Bellevue) location.

Craig Reisser ORM Surrogate Team

ORM’s Director of New Patent Relations, Craig Reisser, was an ORM patient through surrogacy and egg donation. He is dedicated to helping patients from Australia start their journey to parenthood. Craig is always available to assist ORM’s patients from Australia at times that are convenient for them and is frequently in Australia to meet in person.

Learn More About Our Services

ORM provides a full range of family building options for patients from Australia.

Success Rates

ORM is recognized globally for its consistently high live birth success rates and personalized and compassionate care. With our commitment to utilizing advanced technology and innovation, we are able to provide our patients with the best outcomes.

ORM’s most recent live birth success rates are publicly available in the public databases of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the US Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). The on-line SART database allows patients to filter US national and clinic-specific live birth success rates based key treatment parameters such as the number of embryos transferred, egg donation, surrogacy, and PGT-A testing among other parameters.