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Dear ORM, letters & words from our families.

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The physicians and team at ORM deeply appreciate the many family testimonials and photos we have received over the years.

We read every email, card, note and letter, and share them throughout the office. We share in your joy and are humbled by the incredible impact of our work in helping to create families.

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ORM Meet Whitney Brittany
Whitney and Brittany

Whitney and Brittany always knew that they wanted to become parents, but they were concerned about the long-standing history of breast cancer in Whitney’s family.  

Liz and Andrea - ORM Family
Liz and Andrea

Andrea and Liz met in 2010 through mutual friends and have been together ever since. After they were married, they had their first son through IUI in Phoenix, Arizona.  

ORM Families: Meet Kelly and Kerry
Kelly and Kery

Kelly and Kery got married in March of 2012. They had been high school sweethearts, and knew they wanted to start a family immediately after getting married.  

Meet Cara & Jen
Cara and Jen

Cara and Jen met in 2003 and shared a commitment ceremony in 2006. A year later, they decided to grow their family.  

Kelly and Charles ORM IUI Patients Success Story
Kelly and Charles

When you ask Kelly and Charles to tell you about their daughter Sophie, they trip over each other’s sentences.  

Kim and Margaux ORM Patients Cancer Patient ORM Families

Kim always knew she wanted to be a mom. There was no question in her mind that she would someday have a child.  


Paige is a graphic designer from Portland who comes from a big family. She is also a five-time egg donor.  


Lisa always knew she wanted children someday. In 2010, when she was 32 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Meet Jeff & Chris
Jeff and Chris

Jeff and Chris have been together since they were sophomores in college.  

Erez and twin babies use of a surrogate

Erez and his partner have been together eight years. They celebrated a formal marriage ceremony in May 2013 and soon after, started to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming parents.  

Meet Heather and Brandon
Heather and Brandon

Heather and Brandon met at a dance club in Cleveland and then married in 2008, spent a few happy years together, bought a home, and then decided to start their family. 


Cody, let’s take a selfie.
Sure mom. Hold my pacifier. *Pose* 😍😍😍

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7 magical months with Cody ✨ ...

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This folks is a picture of pure grief. Little did we realize that as we talked to the nurse on one of the worst days of our lives our child was documenting every moment (and the floor, and his shoes, and himself ha ha). Today was a really hard day. I had found so much peace in the idea that our baby had a genetic malformation. Well today we got the official genetic report and it appears that everything was normal. So now we're just left here wondering "What in the world happened!?" "Why did this happen!?" "Why our baby!?" "What went wrong!?" And of course I'm trying so hard to not wonder if it was anything I did wrong. We also found out the gender, I can now say that I lost my little boy.
Today I experienced a huge wave of grief. It was the most emotional day since this picture was taken. Today was just hard.

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