The Two-Week-Wait

Preparing for the Two-Week-Wait

We're here to help you get through it

The "two-week-wait" is the period of time between embryo transfer or IUI before you return to the clinic to take your pregnancy test and find out if it all worked. When going through a process that you've put so much energy into, a two-week-wait can feel like an eternity. You become hyper-aware of your body, analyze every cramp and sensation, and have only one question on your mind, “Am I pregnant?”

We know the wait can be stressful and you'll probably have some questions about what to expect from your body. We’ve answered some common questions about what to expect during the two-week-wait and pulled together tips, tricks, and distractions to help you make it through!

Common Questions
Affirmations & Journaling Prompts

It may be helpful to create a space to capture thoughts through journaling. What's on your mind and what's in your heart?

Take at least 15-20 minutes a day to think and write about each prompt. Be authentic with yourself and your feelings. It's okay if you flow into a different topic, it's all part of the process.

This can be dedicated time for you to explore how you are feeling and help you prepare for the next part of your journey, whatever that may be.

Download the print-ready 2-Week-Wait booklet here.