Embryo Donation Program

Donating embryos

Now in its fourth decade, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproduction technologies (ART) has helped many families on their journey to parenthood.

Many embryos are stored for future use by parents. Once patients have completed their family, oftentimes they have remaining embryos.

By donating your remaining embryos to our Embryo Donation Program your generous contribution will play an important role in helping an individual or couple grow their family.

Who Needs Your Embryos?

Potential recipients include patients who have tried to conceive through IVF with their own eggs/sperm or donor eggs/sperm and have been unsuccessful. Many of these patients have lost hope and have exhausted their resources.

I can’t explain the feeling I had when we went for the 5 week ultrasound and saw a heartbeat.

How To Become An Embryo Donor

There is no cost to join.

There are minimal requirements needed for you to join the program and help families. There is no cost to join and complete the requirements. Your embryo donation contact is Gena Shepherd. You may contact her by email or by calling her direct at 503.290.1532.

There Are Three Options For Donation:

  • Zero Communication

    You can choose to donate anonymously with zero communication between yourselves and the recipient(s).

  • Anonymous Communication

    You can choose to donate anonymously with the option for anonymous communication via an online site called the Donor Sibling Registry.

  • Open Communication

    You can choose an open/known donation to a recipient you already know or who you find at a matching embryo donation website.