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What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a form of assisted reproductive treatment (ART) in which a woman carries a child in her uterus on behalf of another person or couple. Gestational surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman, known as a gestational carrier, undergoes the transfer of an embryo created through IVF using the eggs and sperm of the intended parent(s) and/or a donor.

ORM’s Surrogacy Team

ORM has a core team that specializes in support for our patients pursuing IVF with surrogacy to build their families. ORM’s Surrogacy Specialists are well-versed in coordinating surrogacy cycles that involve a gestational carrier, intended-parents, and the elective use of a sperm donor.

Process for Surrogacy Patients

After initial consultations with an ORM surrogacy specialist and an ORM physician done via Skype or the phone, patients from Australia generally, only have two steps to their IVF and Surrogacy treatment plan. These patients typically only need to travel to the U.S. once to visit ORM as part of the IVF process.

The two main steps in their treatment are pre-cycle screening and the egg retrieval and sperm deposit.

Pre-Cycle Screening

Pre-cycle screening involves a set of medical screenings for the intended mother and intended father (unless working with a sperm donor) that are completed locally in Australia before patients come to the US for the egg retrieval and sperm deposit.

Egg Retrieval and Sperm Deposit

The egg retrieval and sperm deposit require a visit to ORM by the intended mother and intended father (unless working with a sperm donor). The intended mother completes her stimulation protocol and egg retrieval. Egg retrievals for patients from Australia take place at our main clinic in Portland, Oregon. The total length of time required for the intended mother to be in the US can be around two weeks, but this is specific to each patient.

Also during this step, the intended father’s sperm is generally frozen to be thawed after the egg retrieval. Intended fathers can complete their sperm deposit and required testing at ORM’s main clinic in Portland, Oregon or at ORM’s clinic in Seattle (Bellevue), Washington. In cases where patients are working with a sperm donor, the ORM team can provide information on sperm bank options.

ORM physicians work directly with patients to provide personalized care and create an IVF and surrogacy treatment plan that works for them and gives them the best chance of success.

We Can Help

ORM’s surrogacy team works with an extensive network of respected surrogacy agencies, legal, and insurance experts and can consult patients throughout their journey. Our team is also available to help patients needing to connect with a physician local to them in Australia to complete pre-cycle screening.

The ORM team is also available to assist patients in planning their visit to Portland and provide transportation and accommodation guidance.

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