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HIV+ patients looking to begin their journey to parenthood at ORM Fertility will participate in the Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR) of the Bedford Research Foundation.


The SPAR process combines testing for the presence of the HIV virus in a patient’s sperm using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology and sperm washing to prepare it for the process of IVF.

In cases where HIV+ patients are working with a surrogate, working with SPAR and the increased reassurance that this provides facilitates matching with a potential surrogate.

Process for HIV+ Patients

The process for HIV+ patients will depend on whether it is a single individual or a couple planning IVF treatment. If a couple is pursuing treatment, the HIV status of each partner is relevant.

After initial consultations with an ORM specialist and an ORM physician, we help HIV+ patients understand their options and what their process and timetable will involve. ORM also helps our patients from Australia establish contact with SPAR as the sperm deposit for HIV+ patients takes place at SPAR’s facility near Boston, MA (US).

Once an HIV+ patient’s sperm has been prepared by SPAR, it is sent to ORM for use in their IVF treatment. As HIV+ patients complete their sperm deposit at SPAR, they do not need to travel to ORM. In the case of a male couple wher only one partner is HIV+ and each wish to be a sperm provider, then either both men can complete their sperm deposit at SPAR or the partner without HIV can complete his sperm deposit at ORM (a required quarantine period will apply).

We Can Help

For HIV+ patients who are looking to work with a surrogate, ORMs surrogacy team can help connect them with respected surrogacy agencies who are experienced working with the SPAR process and helping HIV+ patients to build their families.

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