4 Tips For Increasing Fertility

Couples having difficulty conceiving often look for tips to increase fertility and their chances of becoming pregnant. Thankfully, there are several options to increase fertility, many of which can be done without medication or treatments.

Fertility Tips

Tip #1: Quit Smoking

The first fertility tip should be obvious – quitting smoking. Smoking lowers fertility and affects how the uterus. It also raises the risks of miscarriage significantly. For men, smoking can reduce the health of sperm production, as well as damage DNA.

Tip #2: Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

While most of us are aware of the risks associated with alcohol and pregnancy, caffeine can also interfere with a successful pregnancy and affect fertility. One simple tip to increase fertility is to restrict (or cut out completely) beverages with caffeine or alcohol.

Tip #3: Diet and Exercise

Another obvious tip to increasing both male and female fertility is moderation in diet and exercise. Too much or too little of anything, including both food and exercise, can stress your body and can affect fertility. Obesity is a significant factor in both male and female infertility.

Tip #4: Ovulation and Regular Intercourse

While tracking ovulation is an important tip, having regular sexual intercourse throughout the month raises the chance of pregnancy. Avoiding intercourse for 5 or more days may affect sperm count and ovulation cycles may be unpredictable, therefore increasing sexual activity is the perfect tip to increase fertility and the chances of pregnancy.

From Fertility Tips to Treatments

If a couple is still unable to become pregnant after a period of time, and none of the not medical fertility tips do not result in a pregnancy, couples may be tested for infertility. Some tests may include:

  • Interviews that cover health and reproductive history
  • Tests of the uterus, including a saline infusion sonogram
  • Tests of the Fallopian tubes, including a hysterosalpingogram
  • Tests of the ovaries
  • Tests of the cervix

After a full assessment, fertility specialists will determine your options for increasing fertility and a couple’s chances of conceiving. Treatment options may include:

Oral Medications or Injectable Medication

Stimulates ovulation through the release of gonadotropins from the pituitary gland. Often accompany other treatments.

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

Sperm is washed and introduced directly into the uterus around the time of ovulation.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

Utilizes assisted reproductive technology to fertilize a woman’s eggs outside her body.

Sperm or Egg Donation

Egg or semen donations allow an embryo to be created with either male or female factor infertility, or both.

Learn More Tips About Increasing Fertility

You can find out more tips about how women and couples are successfully increasing their chances of pregnancy at a free informational seminar, where doctors from ORM Fertility answer all your questions and discuss the promising treatments now available.

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