Egg Donation

If you are facing fertility problems, egg donation may play a part in building your family. Becoming an egg donor is also an incredible way for you to help others.

When is egg donation used?

People in diverse situations may benefit from egg donation being part of their fertility treatment.

Women who aren’t experiencing normal ovulation and releasing an egg as part of a healthy monthly cycle
With aging, it often becomes more difficult for an embryo formed from a woman’s eggs to attach to her uterine wall
Congenital diseases that result in an absence of eggs
Acquired medical conditions that inhibit egg production
Men who would like a child without a female partner or adoption

For women struggling with infertility, other treatments are often investigated before egg donation is considered.

Age is Key to Egg Donation Success

The Centers for Disease Control found that “eggs products by women in older age groups form embryos that are less likely to implant and more likely to result in miscarriage if they do implant.”

Thus, in vitro fertilization (an Assisted Reproductive Technology) that uses egg donation is increasingly by older women. In 2008, donor eggs were used in about 12 percent of ART cycles.

For women younger than 40, the percentage using egg donation with an ART cycle stays below 10 percent, but after age 40, the percentage rises – for women over age 48, 89 percent use egg donation.

Using egg donation does not measurably affect success rates versus a woman using her own eggs with ART – the key factor is the age of the woman who produced the egg.

Becoming an Egg Donation Recipient

This is the process for becoming an egg donation recipient here at Oregon Reproductive Medicine, a fertility specialist center in Portland, Oregon.

Our egg donation recipients are a diverse, multinational group. We have first-hand experience with the stresses associated with impaired fertility and fertility treatments and are sensitive to your needs.

This is the process for our egg donation recipients:

  • Contact us. Our staff is expertly trained to provide you with precise details surrounding our egg donor recipients program, the various categories of our exceptional donors, and all related fees.
  • Start searching our database of donors.
  • When you have selected a particular donor, our office will contact her to make sure she meets your timeline and is available to travel if necessary.
  • At this point you, the egg donor recipient will need to sign a service agreement contract with our agency that outlines the costs involved.
  • Medical and psychological screening of the donor will be completed.
  • When all legal contracts are in place, the selected donor begins any of her injectable medication for her cycle.
  • We are ready to provide you with exceptional service to make this process a smooth and joyful one.

Becoming an egg donor

Oregon Reproductive Medicine’s affiliated Exceptional Donors Program was designed to help match recipient parents with egg donors, screened by our team including one of our own physicians.

We are always searching for truly exceptional donors and encourage young women of all ethnic backgrounds to apply.

These are the criteria to be accepted as an egg donor for Exceptional Donors:

  • Age 20 to 28
  • Height/weight proportional (BMI between 20 and 25 percent)
  • Not a smoker and not a drug user
  • Provide family medical history, including grandparents
  • Good personal health
  • Current pap and Chlamydia test results normal (within past 12 months)
  • No mental health issues in you or your family, including ADHD, depression, or anxiety
  • No history of drug/alcohol abuse in your or your family
  • Regular monthly periods
  • Provide a copy of driver’s license
  • Provide copy of degree or college transcript
  • Agree to a public record background check
  • Flexible schedule

Learn More About Egg Donation

You can find out more about how women and couples are successfully growing their families using donated eggs at a free informational seminar, where doctors from Oregon Reproductive Medicine will answer all your questions and discuss the promising treatments now available.

Our events take place across the country, and we may be visiting your city soon.

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