Sperm Donation: Is it right for you?

When people envision their pregnancy, or what it will be like to add a baby to their family, sperm donation is maybe not something in that picture. But for couples experiencing difficulties in becoming pregnant, the process of sperm donation can be a tremendous help in achieving pregnancy and family goals.

How Does Sperm Donation and Selection Work?

Sperm donation services are handled at a specialized clinic simply referred to as a “sperm bank.” A sperm bank makes connections between available sperm donated by qualified, screened male donors. The sperm can be selected from a highly detailed list of choices, or by someone already known to the woman who wishes to become pregnant.

The selected donated sperm is then used by a fertility clinic (such as Oregon Reproductive Medicine) in treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination.

Sperm is sold by the vial, and the cost can be as little as a few hundred dollars per vial. The more information and qualifications known about the sperm donor (such as professional degree, education, etc.), the higher the cost per vial can be. Additionally, choosing an “open donor policy,” where the sperm donor may be contacted during the pregnancy or when the child turns 18, can add thousands of dollars to the price of the sperm. Most sperm donors, however, remain anonymous unless otherwise specified.

Is Sperm Donation Right For Me?

So how do you know if sperm donation is something that could help you achieve your pregnancy and family building goals? Sperm donation is usually used in conjunction with some of the the following procedures:

Navigating the issues that come with sperm donation can sound daunting, but the expert staff at Oregon Reproductive Medicine can prepare you to make an informed decision to pursue your family’s desires.

Learn More About Sperm Banks

In vitro fertilization utilizing donated sperm has an extremely high pregnancy success rate at Oregon Reproductive Medicine, where we offer every patient personalized care and treatment.

You can meet with one of our physicians at a free informational seminar, where we answer all your questions about sperm banks and discuss the promising infertility treatments that can help you conceive.

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