Pregnancy Options

When looking into the many pregnancy resources and options available, many people turn to a reproductive fertility clinic such as Oregon Reproductive Medicine. The medical specialists at a fertility clinic are expertly trained in pregnancy options, resources, treatments, and alternatives such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), sperm and egg donation, and artificial insemination.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine, located in Portland, Oregon, is among the highest in the nation for providing pregnancy options and resources that successfully end in a live birth for women under 35 years old.

What Are Some Basic Pregnancy Options Available?

The first step in exploring pregnancy options is getting a complete exam and work-up to diagnose any physical problems that may be resulting in infertility, and then tailoring the pregnancy options to each individual client.

Some of the most common diagnoses include:

  • Interviews that cover health and reproductive history
  • Tests of the uterus
  • Test of the fallopian tubes
  • Tests of the ovaries
  • Test of the cervix
  • Semen analysis

After the patient is assessed, our fertility specialists will lay out the pregnancy options that can best result in a viable pregnancy.

Pregnancy Options and Treatments

There are many treatment options available to increase the chances of pregnancy, but each individual patient is different, and a specialist will advise each client of their best pregnancy options after physical tests are performed. Options may include:

Learn More About Pregnancy Options Through Oregon Reproductive Medicine

In addition to the various pregnancy options we offer, we encourage potential patients to consider their timelines, comprehensive financial and insurance information, success rate statistics, and in-person visits when deciding which reproductive fertility clinic you feel most comfortable with.

You can find out more at a free informational seminar, where doctors from Oregon Reproductive Medicine answer all your questions.

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