Celebrating 30 Years

of Excellence in Reproductive Medicine

Thank you for attending our ORM Family Celebration! • Check out the event photos! •

ORM Fertility, formerly Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM),
was founded in 1989 with a vision to provide a patient-centered approach to fertility care.

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Now in our 30th year of growing families, we reflect on the thousands of patients that have trusted us during this emotional and monumental time in their lives, and are honored to be a part of every one of their journeys.



Since its inception, ORM Fertility has grown from one physician’s aspiration to provide unrivaled expertise and truly individualized care into a world-class fertility clinic with six highly specialized reproductive endocrinologists serving patients from all around the globe. Over the years, we have expanded and adapted our offerings and care, such as providing safe surrogacy, highly qualified egg donors, advanced genetic screenings and the most cutting-edge in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology available in order to best serve our patients’ unique needs.


30 Years and counting…

In the past three decades, we’ve seen huge advances in the field of reproductive medicine and genomics, and take pride in being a leader at the forefront of fertility medicine.

Thank You For Celebrating With Us!
30th Anniversary Family Celebration

On Saturday, September 7th, we hosted a 30th Anniversary Family Celebration, inviting our former ORM patients and their families to join us for a day of joy, warmth, and connection. We filled Director Park in downtown Portland, Oregon with balloon animals, bubbles, and music while little ORM kiddos dance around with their faces painted and families had their pictures taken with the ORM physician that helped them along their journey.

Thank you to everyone that attended our celebration or celebrated with us in spirit.

ORM Fertility's 30th Anniversary Family Celebration

Our Families

ORM Meet Whitney Brittany
Whitney and Britney
Erez and twin babies use of a surrogate
ORM Families: Meet Kelly and Kerry
Kelly and Kery

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Cody, let’s take a selfie.
Sure mom. Hold my pacifier. *Pose* 😍😍😍

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Ben Harris and I are so excited to introduce:
Cody Benjamin Harris
Born 4/18 @ 11:37 pm
9 lb 8 oz
21 in long
Born at Home 💙
Birth story and photos coming soon!
#ormbaby #ormfamily

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Link in our bio for some pretty exciting news! 🥺🥺🥺🥺 ...

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