Dr. Hesla is on his way to China. Dr. Hesla is appreciative that he was chosen to speak on a select panel in Shanghai, on the topic of ‪#‎LGBTQ‬ families. Dr. Hesla will also be supporting activities and events ‪#‎ShanghaiPride‬ this weekend with our partners & the amazing team at

We are honored that all of our families have chosen to work with ORM. Both locally & globally we proudly support ‪#‎LOVEWINS‬ for the LGBTQ movement and with our global teams, Oregon Reproductive Medicine Ireland, ORM Israel פונדקאות בארה”ב and ORM UK and our partners, Northwest Surrogacy Center, MHB Europe and MHB surrogacy forum. We are grateful for our work with LGBTQ families across the Globe.

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