Start Your Journey to Parenthood

Everyone’s journey to parenthood is unique, one path may require the help of a surrogate. If you’re a gay couple, a single man, or you’re medically advised to not carry a pregnancy, a gestational carrier can be an option for you.

Finding information on where to get started can be overwhelming, our team of reproductive physicians and surrogacy experts put together a detailed guide of things you need to know to start your journey to parenthood with us.

Take the next step in your journey with our Surrogacy + Donor Egg Guide

Inside this guide you’ll find information on:

  • Selecting a surrogacy agency
  • Finding an egg donor
  • Genetic and Embryo testing
  • Information on Success Rates
  • ORM’s program and services
  • Stories from former patients and surrogate

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Why ORM Fertility?

Founded in 1989, in Portland, Oregon, ORM is one of the world’s leading fertility clinics for Donor Egg Surrogacy. For 30 years, we have helped intended parents from around the world build their families. ORM is recognized globally for its consistently high live birth success rates and personalized and compassionate care. With our commitment to applying advanced technology and innovation, ORM is able to provide our patients with the best outcomes.

Success Stories

Meet Jeff & Chris
Jeff and Chris

Jeff and Chris have been together since they were sophomores in college.  

Erez and twin babies use of a surrogate

Erez and his partner have been together eight years. They celebrated a formal marriage ceremony in May 2013 and soon after, started to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming parents.  

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