How to Prepare For Pregnancy

Taking a Proactive Approach to Your Fertility

Plan Ahead! At least 3 months, if possible, for both women and men. This allows time to clean up (eliminate toxins and contaminants) and stock-up (nutrients)

Obtain and maintain management of all chronic medical conditions. Maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss if overweight before pregnancy. If you smoke- STOP!

Alcohol consumption – limit alcohol to no more than 2 drinks/week. Once pregnant, stop all alcohol consumption.

Caffeine- Moderate daily consumption of up to 200 mg/ day (12 ounces of coffee)

Diet is important

Increase your daily intake of vegetables and fruit. Emphasize the Mediterranean or anti-inflammatory type diets:

    • Eat whole grain foods
    • Avoid sugar/refined grains/trans fats
    • Avoid processed foods and artificial ingredients
    • Reduce animal sources of protein
    • Eat fresh vegetables/fruit (5 or more servings daily)
    • Reduce saturated fats- organic whole dairy is OK
    • Eat 8-12 ounces of fish weekly. You want to avoid fish with high levels of methyl mercury.

A good Multi-Vitamin will provide additional antioxidants to the diet. Be sure to take at least 400 mcg of Folic Acid daily (start at least 1 month before you plan on conceiving)

Avoid environmental factors

Drink filtered water.

Avoid plastic containers.

  • Avoid using products that contain BPA or phthalates. Minimize the use of food products or storage in cans or plastic containers.

Use stainless steel or glass water bottles.

    • EWG – “Dirty” dozen and “Clean” 15 (vegetables and fruit)
    • Minimize the use of personal care products such as moisturizers, cosmetics, shower gels, and fragrances.
    • Avoid the use of garden, household or pet pesticides/fungicides.
    • Chemicals such as lead and pesticides can be tracked indoors on shoes, so it is always recommended to remove your shoes before coming indoors.
    • Women should avoid Cat litter/feces – potential for Toxoplasmosis.
    • Be aware of current travel alerts and warnings (i.e. Zika, virus)

For men specifically

  • Avoid high-temperature exposure such as hot tubs or saunas
  • Cell phone use and the effect(s) on human sperm remain uncertain.
  • As a precaution, consider keeping the cell phone away from the body. Utilize the speaker function and consider texting to reduce exposure to EMW radiation.
  • Keep the laptop off your lap. Laptop computers represent sources of both electromagnetic energy exposure (Wi-Fi) as well as thermal energy (heat).
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