Pregnancy With Donor Eggs

Learn more about pregnancy with donor eggs and whether or not it suits your family. Our doctors are experts in donor egg pregnancies and are happy to answer your questions.

Pregnancy Using Donor Eggs

Among the various available options for treating infertility is the use of donor eggs. For couples facing difficulty achieving a viable pregnancy on their own, donor eggs may play a part in building their family.

When Should I Consider Using Donor Eggs?

Many women (and men) can benefit from using donor eggs. Some of the more common circumstances for those using donor eggs to achieve pregnancy include women who aren’t experiencing normal ovulation cycles, women who have difficulty producing eggs of their own or becoming pregnant on their own, or even men who would like a child without a female partner or using adoption.

Donating Eggs For Future Use

Age is a key to healthy egg donation and pregnancy. The CDC found that “donor eggs produced by women in older age groups form embryos that are less likely to implant and more likely to result in miscarriage if they do the implant.” Because in vitro fertilization (IVF) is increasingly being used by women who want to become pregnant at an older age, some women choose to “donate” their own eggs during their younger years to be used in fertility treatments down the road.

Using or Becoming an Egg Donor

Oregon Reproductive Medicine uses the following guidelines to become an egg donation recipient.

1. Contact us. Our staff is expertly trained to provide you with precise details surrounding our egg donor recipients program, the various categories of our exceptional donors, and all related fees.

2. Start searching our database of donors.

3. When you have selected a particular donor, our office will contact her to make sure she meets your timeline and is available to travel if necessary.

4. At this point you, the egg donor recipient will need to sign a service agreement contract with our agency that outlines the costs involved.

5. Medical and psychological screening of the donor will be completed.

6. When all legal contracts are in place, the selected donor begins any of her injectable medication for her cycle.

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