ORM China Launches In Shanghai

World-Class Medical Team to Provide Extended Services to Help Families in China on Their Journey to Parenthood

Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) is announcing a joint venture with Shanghai-based Travel Healthcare Limited (THL) to launch ORM China in September 2017. ORM is a globally recognized fertility center based in Portland, Oregon, and has one of the highest pregnancy success rates in the world for women and men who seek their assistance with reproductive needs. ORM is committed to serving Chinese parents-to-be and will bring proven success and dedication directly to intended families and there.

Since 2014, ORM has worked closely with THL as its exclusive partner in China to provide patient education and extended services to Chinese families. Services include Necessary medical testing prior to treatment, travel support, translation services, integration with third-party egg donation and surrogacy agencies, etc. The team also provides extended care for these families leading up to and after the birth of their baby including Coordinate comfortable housing and travel to the US to attend the birth of their babies; shop for newborn supplies and groceries; schedule newborn screening and set up nanny help; work with attorneys to obtain birth certificate,  passport, SSN and other travel documents. Through these extended services, the team helps provide seamless integration to ensure the best possible outcome and support for Chinese families.

“ORM has been working with families in China for almost 4 years, so developing an established presence in Shanghai was the next logical step,” said Steve Parker, Director of Business Development at ORM. “ORM China will help us continue to serve our families by bringing our trusted fertility care directly to them. Our team of physicians and staff are thrilled to demonstrate our long-term commitment to China through ORM China.”

The goal of ORM China is to offer a seamless patient experience across the Pacific. The staff in China will receive training according to ORM standards and will be fully integrated with the US-based team. We also plan to expand our geographic footprints to other key cities in China, beyond THL’s existing office in Shanghai.

ORM China will be fully operational in the next few months; during this transition period, THL will continue serving Chinese families through their Shanghai office.

“There are many options available today to help families on their journey to parenthood and many couples and individuals are finding hope through the assistance of reproductive medicine,” said Dr. John Hesla. “We look forward to the launch of ORM China to continue helping provide the best care possible to Chinese families.”

About Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) is a world-class fertility center that is passionately committed to helping people grow their families. Founded in 1989, ORM is accessible to individuals and couples, while offering treatments that are specific to their needs. ORM is committed to achieving the highest success rates and provides a customized, compassionate patient experience. Unrivaled expertise, outstanding results, and personalized care make ORM one of the most sought-after fertility centers in the world.

About Travel Healthcare Limited

Travel Healthcare Limited (THL) is an advisory service dedicated to helping patients from China seek advanced medical treatment and other healthcare services from overseas, with fertility treatment being one critical area of focus. THL became ORM’s exclusive representative in China since 2014. THL also represents several well-known egg donation and surrogacy agencies including ORM’s long-time partner Northwest Surrogacy Center. Currently, THL provides services to Chinese families from its principal office in Shanghai.


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