Oregon Reproductive Medicine Expands World-Class Medical Team With Addition of Dr. Carmelo Sgarlata

Sgarlata to oversee new Integrative Medicine practice at the Portland-based fertility center –Dr. Sgarlata

PORTLAND, OR (April 14, 2016) – Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) has announced the addition of Carmelo Sgarlata, MD, to the ORM medical team. Dr. Sgarlata is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist with extensive experience in the fields of in vitro fertilization and integrative medicine. In his n
ew role at ORM, Dr. Sgarlata will oversee the clinic’s new Integrative Medicine practice, introducing a comprehensive program that incorporates acupuncture, herbs, supplements, yoga, meditation and diet in infertility treatment.

Prior to joining ORM, Dr. Sgarlata was one of the first REI physicians in Northern California to provide reproductive endocrinology and IVF services. He joins us from the Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Sgarlata join the ORM team. He brings the right combination of traditional and complementary medicine to our offerings,” said ORM CEO Steve Parker. “This addition will help us continue to grow as a global leader and expand our service offerings to our ORM families.”

Oregon Reproductive Medicine has been helping people grow their families since 1989. With some of the highest success rates in the nation, ORM is one of the top fertility clinics in the world and home to an internationally recognized team of doctors who have advanced the field of fertility. Over the last decade, ORM has earned a global reputation for helping people from over 40 countries and nearly every state in the U.S., as well as thousands of families in Portland and the Pacific Northwest.

“As a part of my work, I’m focused on giving patients tools to enhance fertility naturally,” said Dr. Sgarlata. “Mind-body techniques such as MBSR, yoga, and acupuncture, as well balanced diet and a judicious use of supplements can all enhance fertility and work alongside conventional medical treatments.”

Dr. Sgarlata is trained to examine scientific data and patient history to put together a consolidated plan that may enhance fertility success. “I take the time to get to know my patients and their full story. From there, we take all of the tools we have available and apply them to the individual patient in a comprehensive way that may enhance their body’s ability to conceive. I am very fortunate and excited to join the ORM team”

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Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) is a world-class fertility center that is passionately committed to helping people grow their families. Founded in 1989, ORM is accessible to individuals and couples, while offering treatments that are specific to their needs. ORM is committed to achieving the highest success rates and provides a customized, compassionate patient experience. Unrivaled expertise, outstanding results, and personalized care make ORM one of the most sought-after fertility centers in the world.




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