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What to Know About Fertility Care Since Roe V Wade Was Overturned

June 29, 2022
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Since SCOTUS overturned Roe V Wade last week, you likely have many questions on how limiting abortion might affect your family-building plans.  We are here for you. No matter what happens.  We are here for you. As of today, nothing has changed in our ability to provide world-class fertility treatment and personalized patient care. We […]

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Can IVF Help Me Get Pregnant?

June 7, 2022
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What is In-Vitro Fertilization, and How Does it Work? What is In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and how does IVF work? The steps involved in in-vitro fertilization and the questions that accompany the process along the way. When deciding if in vitro fertilization is right for you, so many questions can arise, such as how much does […]

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7 Ways to Improve Sperm Health and Fertility

April 28, 2022
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Many factors can impact male infertility and sperm health. These 7 tips can help ensure your sperm are in optimal health.

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From Hi to Goodbye: When to See a Fertility Specialist

February 1, 2022
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When to See a Fertility Physician When you’re trying to grow your family, the idea of seeking care with a fertility specialist can feel overwhelming. You might not be sure what treatment you need or even have a full picture of what your options are, so where do you start your fertility journey?  The good […]

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What is Preimplantation Genetic Testing and Why Do People Use It?

January 13, 2022
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Understanding Inheritance and What Genetic Testing Has to Offer Biological inheritance or hereditary describes the passing of genetic material from parent to child. It’s easy to see evidence of traits being passed on when examining the characteristics of family members. Traits like hair color, eye color, facial feature shapes, and heights are easy to spot […]

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How Does Surrogacy Work

How Does Surrogacy Work?

December 14, 2021
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This article is based on reporting that features expert sources. How Does Surrogacy Work? When people pursue surrogacy, it’s a journey fueled by a strong commitment to becoming parents. When a woman carries an embryo and goes through pregnancy to help someone else have a child, it’s a unique contribution.

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Top 10 Things to Know About PCOS

September 30, 2021
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In the fertility space, we receive a lot of questions about PCOS and how it can affect family-building. To help give you a better idea of how PCOS affects the body and fertility, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions we receive about PCOS answered by ORM reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Amanda Hurliman.  1. […]

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Second Infertility Advice From Fertility Expert

September 7, 2021
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Local ORM Fertility family shares their story

June 16, 2021
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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A struggle for many LGBTQ+ couples is getting on that path to parenthood. But there’s help out there for those families and that includes a local fertility clinic. Tracy Palmer and Lindsey Cohen joined AM Extra this morning to talk about their experience with ORM Fertility.

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Local fertility clinic helps pave the path to parenthood

June 14, 2021
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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — For more than 30 years, a local fertility clinic has been helping all kinds of couples with their path to parenthood, including the LGBTQ+ community. Dr. Elizabeth Barbieri is a reproductive physician at the . She joined AM Extra on Friday to tell us more about the important work they do.

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