Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) is a common method of infertility treatment that helps many couples each year. This advanced procedure places sperm directly into a woman’s uterus.

Who is IUI for?

IUI is a good option for couples whose infertility as continued for 3-12 months. Ideal timing and proximity between sperm and an egg are this procedure’s specialty.

The female partner should have open fallopian tubes, normal ovulation (or respond adequately to fertility drugs), and a normal uterine cavity.

IUI does not involve the manipulation of a woman’s eggs, so it is more straightforward and less expensive than other infertility treatments that use assisted reproductive technology.

When is IUI used?

IUI is used when couples are experiencing infertility with one of these factors:

  • Low sperm count
  • Decreased ability of sperm to reach an egg
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction or retrograde ejaculation
  • Donor sperm needed
  • Antisperm antibodies
  • Cervical conditions that are hostile toward sperm
  • Cervical scar tissue (possibly from endometriosis) that blocks sperm
  • Irregular or poor ovulation

Because of its relatively low cost and high success, IUI also may be used when infertility is unexplained.

How does IUI work?

  1. Medication may be used to stimulate the follicles to produce more eggs
  2. Ultrasound is used to monitor follicle development
  3. A semen sample is washed to separate sperm
  4. Concentrated sperm is injected into the uterus

IUI Success and Costs

If IUI does not result in a viable pregnancy, the treatment can be done repeatedly.

A woman’s age is the main factor in a cycle’s success rate. With medication to boost fertility, even women age 38-39 often have a viable pregnancy within two cycles.

IUI works without the manipulation of a woman’s eggs, so it is less expensive than other assisted reproductive technology treatments for infertility.

With sperm washing and injection, the average cost is $250 to $400. When relying on a woman’s natural and regular ovulation, this could be the only expense.

However, the medications often used to produce more follicles can add up.

The kind of medication is a big factor in total cost, with some injected types inching toward $7,000.

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