Finding The Right Fertility Specialist

Finding The Right Fertility Specialist

Couples who are trying to become pregnant but are unable to conceive often want to turn to someone for help, but may not know where to begin. Finding the right fertility specialist may seem overwhelming at first, working with a reproductive fertility specialist like the ones at Oregon Reproductive Medicine can be a tremendous help in your journey towards starting a family of your own.

A doctor at a reproductive fertility center (commonly called a Fertility Clinic) is called a reproductive fertility specialist. These specialists are medical experts trained to help people who have been trying to become parents but are struggling to conceive.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine, located in Portland, Oregon, has a full staff of dedicated fertility specialists and is among the highest in the nation for successful fertility treatments ending in a live birth for women under 35 years old.

Diagnosis By a Fertility Specialist

As with any medical procedure, working with a fertility specialist to pinpoint a diagnosis for infertility begins with a full medical examination. The examination will give the specialist information as to possible reasons or physical problems that may be resulting in infertility.

Once a full assessment is completed, our Fertility Specialists will discuss with you the infertility treatments that can best increase your chances of conceiving.

Treatment from Fertility Specialists

From this diagnosis, the Reproductive Fertility Specialists at ORM will base treatments on what is best for each individual patient. Deciding which treatment option is best will depend on a person’s individual situation, history, and desired outcome. Some treatment options our fertility specialists recommend may include medications, in vitro fertilization, or intra uterine insemination.

Once a full assessment is completed, fertility specialists will discuss with you which reproductive treatment can best increase your chances of conceiving.

Learn More About Fertility Specialists at ORM

We urge you to consider your finances, timeline, success rate statistics, and in-person visits when choosing what fertility specialists to entrust with your future.

You can find out more at a free informational seminar, where doctors from Oregon Reproductive Medicine answer all your questions and discuss the promising fertility treatment now available.

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