Fertility Journeys: Announcement of 2017-18 Program

Fertility Journeys: Announcement of 2017-18 Program

After the birth of Chris & Anne’s baby girl in November, we are excited to announce that the team at Oregon Reproductive Medicine is committed to help another couple or individual fulfill their dream of building a family by offering a free donor egg IVF cycle with genomic screening.

Located in the beautiful and peaceful Pacific Northwest, Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) has been helping create families for over 25 years. Founded with the goal of building the best fertility program possible, we are a leader among US clinics when it comes to IVF involving an egg donor and / or a gestational surrogate and the integration of reproductive genomics into every cycle. Patients come to ORM from 40 countries for help building their families. ORM is recognized globally for its consistently high live birth success rates, individualized care, and innovation leadership.

Our Team of more than 115 people – including our 7 reproductive endocrinologists, nursing team, embryologists, genetic counselors, psychologists, patient coordinators, donor coordinators, financial counselors, acupuncturists among others – cherish the work they do each day with our patients and are committed to helping each of them have the very best chance of success on the first attempt and a healthy baby.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine Office Group

Our embryology laboratory was designed as a clean-room, utilizing the expertise of Intel clean room facility engineers. This helps make an in vitro environment for embryos that is as close to the conditions inside the human body as possible. This industry-leading facility and the work of our phenomenal embryologists is one of the key ingredients to our consistently high live birth success rates.


ORM 2017 Live Birth Rates Per Transfer

Donor Ooctyes
< 3535-3738-4041-42All Ages
Frozen Embryo Transfer
US National Average (1)46.6%44.0%38.3%32.1%41.5%

(1) As reported to the Centers for Disease Control for the 2015 Assisted Reproductive Technology Fertility Clinic Success Rates Report and includes both single and dual embryo transfers.


ORM Donors is our program for cycles involving an egg donor. Patients needing the help of an egg donor for their family building can select one either through ORM’s in-house egg donor program or through any number of external egg donor programs.

Our in-house egg donor program is overseen by our physicians and clinical staff and we are proud of the exacting screening standards that we maintain. Our program is designed to provide ORM patients egg donors that are carefully selected for optimal fertility and the characteristics important to them. We help our patients match with our fully pre-screened donors and this contributes to a smoother process with fewer uncertainties and greater confidence.

Our donor screening includes an in-person evaluation with our psychologist (including a personality index); infectious disease screening; and a thorough “ovarian reserve testing” to count the approximate number of a donor’s eggs and three different blood tests to ensure that the donor can respond well to stimulating medications. At ORM an experienced genetic counsellor also conducts a detailed in-person review of each donor’s family history and we test our donors with a comprehensive genetic panel for recessive genetic disorders. We believe that ORM egg donors go through the most extensive screening around and only 7% that apply pass our rigorous standards. This is a key factor in our high success rates for patients using ORM donor eggs.


ORM Surrogacy is our program for intended parents working with a gestational surrogate to carry their pregnancy. ORM has a specialized team, and we are expert in coordinating these more complicated IVF processes. We have longstanding relationships with some of the best surrogacy agencies in the USA, some of which are also based in Oregon which can help families to localize their surrogacy journey. We have rigorous protocols for medically approving a gestational surrogate for treatment at ORM and we believe that this contributes to our high success rates and the best chance of a safe and healthy pregnancy for the gestational surrogate and intended parents.

These journeys sometimes also involve intended parents working with an egg donor. Our team is able to help patients and their surrogates and egg donors, if they are also using donor eggs, seamlessly through their unique and complex journeys.


ORM Genomics is our program for integrating the most advanced reproductive genomic care and screening into every IVF cycle. We have a 4-person full-time genetic counseling team and an in-house genetics laboratory equipped with the most advanced genetic sequencing technology.

We provide family genetic history evaluation and genetic disorder carrier screening for all donors and patients. To minimize the risk of a child born with a serious, untreatable genetic disease, we automatically test everyone that is contributing egg and sperm for the creation of an embryo for more than 100 recessive gene carrier diseases. This is significantly more comprehensive than standard practice among many clinics. We help our patients understand these results at the outset so that they can make the best choices for their families.

We offer the latest form of PGS, which is Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS), and customized Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) both using advanced Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. CCS screening helps ensure that we only transfer embryos that have screened as chromosomally normal and therefore have the best chances of success for a healthy baby.

The understanding of genetics and the variety of tests available are both expanding rapidly. We believe that our patients should feel empowered to make informed decisions based on the latest technology and with accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand information.


Made In Portland, Oregon

When our patients visit Portland, “City of Roses”, we enjoy sharing with them everything that makes our home so special. We love offering our favorite suggestions and ORM’s partner hotels provide special ORM rates.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine Office in Portland OregonPortland is blessed with fresh, local, organic cuisine and among the best wine, beer and coffee in the Pacific Northwest. A walkable city with many neighborhoods ideal for strolling, window-shopping, and cafe-hopping, Portland is home to the largest US urban woodland. Our airport is ranked #1 by travelers and we’re connected with excellent public transportation. Many hotels have “lend a bike” programs.

Often ORM patients also explore beyond Portland. Oregon offers amazing sites whether you visit the Pacific Coastline or the Cascade Mountains, both only an hour away, or the deserts of Eastern Oregon.

And Oregon is one of the few tax-free states for shopping, food, and beverage. Great for all those baby needs!

We look forward to welcoming you to ORM in Portland and to help you build your family!



Every member of the ORM team is truly honored to work with our patients to help them grow their families. As part of our Fertility Journey, ORM will help a couple or individual in need of assistance to fulfill their dream of building a family by offering a free donor egg IVF cycle that genomic screening at our world-renown clinic.

The selected recipient couple or individual will match with a fully-screened ORM Donor. ORM’s Fertility Journey will cover the cost the of donor’s screening, treatment, egg retrieval, and medications; the selected couple’s or individual’s pre-cycle testing performed at ORM; IVF process; CCS procedure on the embryos; transfer procedures and related medications. The selected recipient(s) will also benefit from consulting with ORM’s genetic counsellors when matching with an ORM egg donor. Certain costs will be the responsibility of the selected recipient(s). These include egg donor compensation; any legal fees for an egg donor agreement; any donor travel reimbursements; recipient(s)’ travel and accommodation; any pre-cycle testing required on the selected couple not performed at ORM; and local monitoring in the recipient couple or individual’s home location.

ORM’s Fertility Journey is open to couples and individuals of all sexual orientations as well as to those that may need to work with a gestational surrogate. If you wish to apply to work with ORM, please visit fertilityroad.com/oregon, detailing why you would like to be chosen and outlining where you are on your fertility journey at present, to receive an application and full terms and conditions. We welcome applicants of all ages, from all backgrounds, and at any point along their fertility journey – names and supporting information will be passed to ORM for selection. Applications will be accepted from 15 March until 15 June 2017 and may require certain pre-selection medical testing.

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