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Choosing the right time to become pregnant is a big decision, and many couples find that infertility issues can make timing that decision a problem. Fortunately, there are many pregnancy resources available at a reproductive clinic, such as artificial insemination, that can help couples achieve their pregnancy and family goals.

Artificial insemination is just one of the successful resources a reproductive clinic like Oregon Reproductive Medicine uses to address infertility. It is a procedure where sperm is taken from a male donor and placed into the female in hopes of creating a viable pregnancy. Artificial insemination is usually combined some form of ovarian stimulation, and, in some cases, can be used by the pregnancy resource and services clinic to treat some unexplained infertility and/or moderately low sperm counts.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine is proud has high success rates for artificial insemination, making this advanced procedure an effective choice for many.

When is Artificial Insemination Successfully Used?
Typically couples can find higher success rates in a clinic setting if one of these factors is present:

  • Low sperm count
  • Decreased ability of sperm to reach an egg
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction or retrograde ejaculation
  • Cervical conditions that are hostile toward sperm
  • Irregular or poor ovulation
  • Because of the low cost and high success, artificial insemination is a popular clinical resource treatment when infertility is unexplained.

Artificial Insemination Success Rates

Many factors, including a woman’s age and health, play the biggest role in artificial insemination success rate. Women younger than 35 typically have more success – nearing 20% per cycle. Overall, artificial insemination results in a viable pregnancy for about 10-20% of women.

If the initial cycle is unsuccessful, multiple cycles are common and lead to a national artificial insemination success rate that approaches 85%.

Learn More About Artificial Insemination at Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Oregon Reproductive Medicine a pregnancy resource clinic with consistently high live-birth rates and expertise in artificial insemination. But we know statistics don’t reveal what is really extraordinary about our practice — the personalized and thoughtful care we provide to each patient.

The best way to have a successful pregnancy with artificial insemination is to choose a clinic that gives each couple an infertility resource and treatment plan tailored to their plan and situation.

You can find out more at a free informational seminar, where doctors from Oregon Reproductive Medicine will answer all your questions about what affects IUI success rates and how you may benefit from this proven infertility treatment.

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