Infertility Support Group

It’s Important

To Give Yourself

The Time
You Need

Professionally-led Support Group

Each meeting will focus on a specific topic related to fertility challenges and will include time for discussion based on the needs and concerns of the participants. This is a professionally-led support group facilitated by Britta Dinsmore, Ph.D. Clinical Director of ORM Fertility Psychological Services, and is open to those in the community currently experiencing fertility challenges.

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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, these meetings are being hosted virtually. Please join us via Zoom by registering below.

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Why ORM Fertility?

Founded in 1989, in Portland, Oregon, ORM is one of the world’s leading fertility clinics for IVF with donor egg and gestational surrogacy. For 30 years, we have helped intended parents from around the world build their families.

Counseling for Infertility

It’s common for patients undergoing fertility treatment to experience a range of emotions. ORM psychologists can provide emotional support, as well as coping tools for managing difficult emotions and difficult situations. Learn more about Counseling for Fertility services