Our Approach to Care is as personalized

As the cost for treatment

Commitment to Transparency

We know cost matters, and financial transparency is important when it comes to planning for your growing family. Simply put, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each treatment plan is created for your specific needs with one of our knowledgeable and compassionate reproductive physicians.

Financing Treatment + Insurance

We believe that the cost of fertility treatment should never be an obstacle to achieving the dream of starting or growing your family. ORM Fertility partners with financing providers to offer financing specifically designed for patients going through fertility treatment.

We do accept some insurance but have found that many pay-out-of-pocket for care. A good first step to learning about your insurance coverage is speaking with your provider. Learn how to navigate your insurance

Financial Plans

We offer several different financial plans that make working with ORM easy to navigate financially. For those not utilizing insurance, we have cost-effective inclusive pricing for treatment plans. You may request one of our financial packets from our team to learn more about the cost of treatment.

Fertility Cost explained

Cost Calculator

These are only estimates. Actual costs may vary based on your individual treatment plan.


This Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) cycle estimate includes:

  • IUI with Sperm Prep

This cycle price estimate does not include the following possible additional costs associated with this treatment:

  • Clomiphene Challenge Test: $589
  • Baseline Ultrasound & Labs: $475 - $845
  • Medication (Clomid): $298
  • Trigger Medication (if needed): $170
  • Pregnancy Test: $90

Cost estimates for cycles using your partner's sperm include a semen analysis, sperm function test, and sperm freeze. This estimate does not include sperm storage. 

Cost estimates for cycles using a sperm donor do not include the cost of donor sperm.


IVF + Own Egg
IVF + Donor Egg
Invocell or IVF Lite

If you are outside of the US, please request our Inclusive Pricing packets for more accurate cost information.