Eggs Seeking Sperm Seminar

Join us on Tuesday, August 22nd for a free Eggs Seeking Sperm Seminar! Led by Dr. Elizabeth Barbieri and Dr. Amanda Hurliman, this event is a great informational session for same-sex female couples, single woman and anyone with eggs who need sperm to start or grow a family.


Learn from our fertility experts about your options to begin your path to parenthood. Topics covered include:

  • Preconception health and optimizing a woman’s health prior to getting pregnant, including simple facts about taking prenatal vitamins, monitoring vitamin D levels, vaccinations for diseases that can cause significant birth defects and fetal death if contracted during pregnancy.
  • Preconception carrier screening to minimize the risk of having a baby with a genetic diEgg Seeking Sperm Seminarsease
  • Understanding the menstrual cycle and timing of ovulation to help a woman conceive with donor sperm
  • Review of all treatment options available, including “reciprocal” IVF to allow both female partners to participate in the creation of their child
  • Impact of age on the ability to conceive and which option might be most successful

This seminar will provide great information and insight on your best options for starting or growing your family.

Date: Tuesday, August 22nd
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Place: Oregon Reproductive Medicine, 808 SW 15th Ave., Portland, Oregon


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