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NO wait time, No shipping charges, and NO charge for access to the donor database.
All on-site donor sperm is provided by Seattle Sperm Bank.

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To learn more about sperm donors request FREE access by calling your coordinator for your credentials. This will provide you with access to more detailed information about the donors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sperm Donors

What are the benefits of buying donor sperm directly from ORM?

By purchasing donor sperm directly from ORM, you will eliminate shipping. The sperm is already here, on-site, without the usual $150 shipping fee. You will also have complimentary access to Seattle Sperm Bank’s “All Access Pass,” which includes the donor’s audio interview, Keirsey test, and baby photos, usually available for a $50 fee.

Are both IUI and ICI-ready vials available?

Through ORM, you may only purchase IUI-ready vials. If you prefer to purchase ICI-ready vials, please contact the sperm bank. In that case, you will be purchasing from the sperm bank directly, and all the standard fees will apply. If you are unsure of the differences between IUI and ICI and would like more information, please click here. If you need additional information, please contact your physician or our andrology team.

Are there any differences between the sperm donors available through ORM and those available through the sperm bank directly?

No, all ORM in-house donor sperm comes directly from Seattle Sperm Bank, and the donors have gone through an identical application process. However, all of our in-house donors have had expanded genetic carrier screening for 150+ conditions.

Is there anyone available to help me understand sperm donor genetic carrier screening results?

All of our in-house donors have had genetic carrier screening through a lab called Counsyl. Some donors will have negative results, but it is common to be a carrier of a genetic disease. We have a donor sperm coordinator and a team of genetic counselors who will help you understand carrier screen results for you and/or your sperm donor. If you or your donor is a positive carrier, our genetic counselors will explain your options for further screening so that you feel supported through the decision-making process.

Will ORM on-site donors always be available for future purchase?

For various reasons, in-house availability is always changing. However, if a donor is listed on our website, there are vials available at ORM. If a donor is not available through ORM, they may still be available for purchase directly through Seattle Sperm Bank.

When I get pregnant, can I purchase vials for a future sibling?

Yes, you may purchase vials from the same donor to use for a future sibling. If you would like ORM to store the vials for you, you will be billed a $250 annual sperm storage fee. Alternatively, you can contact Seattle Sperm Bank and purchase additional vials to be stored at the sperm bank. If you would like to ship the vials somewhere else, you will be responsible for shipping fees.

Do I need to report my pregnancy and how do I do it?

It is very important that you report your pregnancy to Seattle Sperm Bank if you became pregnant with the sperm from one if their donors. The bank uses these reports to limit the number of families per donor in a certain area. Please click here to report your pregnancy.

Can I sell back unused vials of sperm purchased from SSB through ORM?

ORM will buy back your unused vials at 75% of the cost as long as they were originally purchased from ORM and are still stored here.

What other options are available for purchasing donor sperm?
Please click here for a full list and contact information of major sperm banks. You are welcome to purchase sperm from any donor you find at any of these banks, and have it shipped to ORM.

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