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Meet Erez

When we met with Dr. Bankowski and the ORM team members when they were here in Israel, it was love at first sight. They just proved us right on everything we already knew and thought. They were friendly, professional, caring.

Erez and his partner have been together eight years. They celebrated a formal marriage ceremony in May 2013 and soon after, started to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming parents. Both of them knew they wanted children, as far back as they can remember. The journey this couple took to become parents of beautiful twin girls Daphna and Danielle is filled with hope and travel, and most of all, love.

Erez, a self-described Type A personality who pays attention to every detail, began the couple’s initial research into surrogacy. At first, they looked into options in the Far East, which was popular among Israeli families wanting to have a baby at the time. But the more they learned, the more they knew it wasn’t the option for them, even though the expense was much lower. Medical, legal and insurance processes were not established, stable nor progressive in the region. Surrogacy in the United States offered them the stability and openness they wanted for the pregnancy and the birth of their children.

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