Problems Getting Pregnant

If you and your partner have been having problems getting pregnant, one (or in some cases both) of you may be experiencing some form of infertility.

Are you experiencing problems getting pregnant?
If you and your partner have been having problems getting pregnant, one (or in some cases both) of you may be experiencing some form of infertility. Couples who have had problems getting pregnant over a period of time are considered infertile.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine, located in Portland, Oregon, is among the highest in the nation for successfully partnering with couples to overcome their reproductive problems to help them get pregnant.

“What problems could I face getting pregnant?
Solving infertility and pregnancy problems involves figuring out the possible issue(s). Doctors at Oregon Reproductive Medicine perform a complete examination to diagnose any physical problems that may result in the inability to get pregnant. After a complete assessment is done, ORM specialists will discuss with you the infertility treatments that can best increase your chances of getting pregnant.

A few of the more common infertility treatments
Pregnancy specialists at ORM will base infertility treatments on what they think will provide the best solution for each patient’s problems. The optimal solution depends on each patient’s individual situation, history, and desired outcome (outside of the desire of simply getting pregnant). Some treatments include:

Oral Medications or Injectable Medication
IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)
IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
Male Factor Treatments
Egg Preservation
Egg and/or Sperm Donation
Once a full assessment is completed, pregnancy specialists will discuss with you which possible way to overcome your problems of getting pregnant.

Learn More About Infertility Solutions

If you have experiences problems in getting pregnant, ORM can help. In addition to the infertility solutions themselves, we urge you to consider your timeline, comprehensive financial and insurance information, success rate statistics, and in-person visits when choosing what fertility clinic to entrust with your future.

You can find out more at a free informational seminar, where doctors from Oregon Reproductive Medicine answer all your questions and discuss the promising fertility solutions now available.

Our events take place across the country, and we may be visiting your city soon.

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